County General Plan - CAPE

The County of Humboldt’s Draft General Plan Energy Element identifies the Redwood Coast Energy Authority  as the regional energy authority which will  “foster, coordinate, and facilitate countywide strategic energy planning, implementation, and education through a Comprehensive Energy Action Plan.”

This action plan consists of implementation measures specific to the functions of RCEA as the regional energy authority for Humboldt County and in alignment with the mission and purpose stated in RCEA’s Joint Powers Agreement, which is to develop and implement sustainable energy initiatives that reduce energy demand, increase energy efficiency, and advance the use of clean, efficient and renewable resources available in the region.

Download the final draft of the CAPE document:

Final Comprehensive Action Plan for Energy (PDF)

 The current draft of the County General Plan Energy Element is available online for review at:

 Download the Energy Element technical background report prepared in 2005:

Energy Element Background Technical Report (PDF)